Traditional Greek Pasta

Chylopittes, kritharaki, trachanas… these words may sound weird to you, but they are all types of Greek pasta, made with tasty ingredients such as wheat, milk, and eggs.

A Greek pasta dish is usually topped with a red tomato or creamy-white sauce, and lots of grated myzithra cheese. Try it mixed with seafood, meat, or legumes; enjoy it in delicious and nutritious soups, or in cold salad dishes.

Trahana is a dried food ingredient, based on a fermented mixture of grain and yoghurt or fermented milk, found in the cuisines of Southeast Europe and the Middle East. Dry tarhana has a texture of coarse, uneven crumbs, and it is usually made into a thick soup with water, stock, or milk. As it is both acidic and low in moisture, the milk proteins keep for long periods.

Kritharaki, (Orzo) is a pasta of Greek cuisine with an oval shape and the size of a grain of rice or wheat, probably a bit larger. It is made from semolina which is first fermented with water and then pressed through appropriate molds and takes the familiar shape. It is particularly popular in Greek cuisine, but is generally used in the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Traditional Greek Pasta


Tripoli, Peloponnese  Greece

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  • Trahana sour           500gr.  
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